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20 Things That Happened When You Were 20

As told by Adventure Time

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1. You shivered your way through the 2013 NYE

2. You learnt how to identify a potato

3. You wrote a very troublesome shopping list

4. All the hard work payed off and you got a distinction

5. You got way too into Taylor Swift

6. You braved the fearsome rides of Chessington World of Adventures


7. You finally became an iPhone w*nker

8. You started your path towards becoming a true ninja

9. You've given out several million cuddles

10. You started cycling everywhere


And have been in constant pain ever since

11. Even the smallest drop of alcohol became your enemy

12. There were moments of hilarity

13. There was lots of spag bol, fried chicken and curry

14. You put up with that dude who follows you around all the time for another WHOLE year


But he does have nice abs and can cook decent onion rings

15. You were introduced to the clinical skills of third year

16. You watched over 1000 minutes of adventure time

17. You rode a donkey

18. And fed an elephant

19. There were a couple of annoying things


And Lemongrab perfectly captured your feelings towards these annoyances


But it was mostly aite

20. And finally, you spent an entire year being the sexiest and most awesome 20 year old in the world

So Happy Birthday Thazin!

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