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On A Scale Of Yoda To Palpatine, How Evil Are You?

Do you have the good nature of Yoda, or the sinister, lightning-affected laugh of the Emperor?

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  1. You're in a fight to the death, what is your weapon of choice?

    A red lightsaber
    A green or blue lightsaber
    Your wit
    A blaster
    A Death Star
    An X-wing
  2. Do you have a bad feeling about this?

    Yes, yes I do.
    I haven't felt a feeling since I contributed to the demise of my true love.
    I don't concern myself with feelings.
    Sure, but I do what I have to.
    Doesn't matter, this is going to be fun!
    Of course not, I've planned this all along.
  3. Your friend betrays you, what do you do?

    Not shoot them with a blaster, of course.
    Hold onto your grudge until the end of time.
    Pff, I do the betraying around here.
    It is what it is. Revenge is not the Jedi way.
    Create a well-crafted plan to ruin their lives forever.
    Duel 'em.
  4. You're fighting your friend and mentor--let's just call him Obi Wan--and he manages to get to the high ground. What do you do?

    Tap to play GIF Tap to play GIF
    You try to jump over him.
    You jump over him but you keep your limbs intact because you're awesome.
    You electrocute him.
    Why would I fight Old Ben?
    You don't know what "the high ground" means.
    You use your wit and charm and hope for the best.
  5. What is your only weakness?

    Only blasters, laser swords, falling off high things, getting sucked into the vacuum of space, and anything else that can kill normal people.
    Your hubris, or, as you call it, "nothing."
    Your tendency to see the good and ignore the bad.
    Your impetuous "act first, think second" nature.
    Getting captured.
    Sand, and my dark, dark thoughts.

On A Scale Of Yoda To Palpatine, How Evil Are You?

You got: Palpatine

Yup, you're evil. Pretty DAMN evil. You know how to fight with lightsabers, but why use those crude devices when you can barbecue your enemies with lightning shot from your fingers? You scoff at the thought of good, and yet you know how to hide this often-frowned-upon trait from your friends, who think you're just really smart and calculative. You may or may not have a string of brainwashed apprentices who despise you but continue to do your dirty work.

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You got: Yoda

A fleck of evil in you, there is not. You're just a plain good person, with the best intentions in mind for everything. People like talking to you and hearing what you have to say 'cause you're wise AF, but also because they feel all tingly and relaxed around you. Your good nature can lead to a bit of naivete, though, as some stuff just goes right over your head (like the fact that your work colleague is actually the Dark Lord himself. whoops). But, y'know, you live you learn. Glass half full, you are.

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You got: Leia Organa

You're a good person, but no one dares mess with you after your home planet and everyone you loved got blow up. You can survive the ruthless torture of an interrogation droid but still smile at the end of the day, that's who you are. Your sense of responsibility to the whole "Rebel Alliance/fight against evil" business comes first in most cases, and this makes you seem a bit distant, but truthfully you're a fine example of a morally solid person. Just watch out for your impulsiveness, as you may unknowingly kiss your twin brother.

Leia Organa
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You got: Luke Skywalker

Sure your dad is a real piece of Dark Sided work, but that doesn't mean you have to be. Even when times are tough and the Emperor of the Galaxy is shooting several thousand volts of electricity through your body, you still see the inherent light in everyone. Your strong sense of adventure is well-matched with your willingness to trudge along the path of all things good, and this makes you a natural leader. You know you have a choice in life, and being a cool chap is what you choose, even if you need some alone time on a distant planet when your nephew relentlessly butchers your students.

Luke Skywalker
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You got: Darth Vader

You don't as much have dreams about being a good person as you do about killing anything good left in you. The only person you hate more than your demented best friend is yourself for having your demented best friend boss you around. You don't want to do anything about your bulky prosthetics or chronic breathing problems because this is what you deserve. You're hung up on your ex-partner, which sucks and has turned you into literally a cold-blooded machine person. But you fight well, so there's that. There is still a little bit of light in you, but it takes sacrificing yourself for the good of the Galaxy for you to realize it, but by then it's too late because that's just how your life is.

Darth Vader
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You got: Han Solo

You're a street smart pragmatist. Like your ship, your rough exterior betrays a well-tuned inner world, refined from a lifetime of hard-earned experience. You're not a bad person at all, and though some people may question this assertion, you know the truth and that's all that matters. You're very loyal to your friends, which sometimes puts you into tough, carbonitey situations, but you'd do anything for the people you care for.

Han Solo
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