josephs35 A nomad project designer, poet, and filmmaker.
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    • josephs35

      This is precisely what the few authorities who really stand by this legislation want. To silence. It is a shame that Miller, a public figure who could become a model for others by supporting human rights all over the world, has such poor judgment. No one is doing anything to people who choose to keep their sexuality private in Russia, no more than in Colorado, Utah, or Alabama. But the silencing has begun in insidious ways and this will lead to fear, a collective fear the Russians wish to leave behind them. The very presence of righteous public figures on Russian soil makes a strong statement. Miller has chosen to be the hypocrite here. Since when has legislation been the mirror of the people’s true wishes and soul, here or anywhere? This was a very simple way for Miller to help the Russian people by helping to keep bad legislation from interfering with their private lives.

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