Selena Gomez Is Hosting Two New Food Network Shows, And Here’s What We Know About Them

    The announcement comes after the success of her HBO Max cooking show, Selena + Chef.

    Selena + Chef? More like Selena thee chef.

    selena gomez similing as she stands in a kitchen in a scene from selena + chef

    Following the success of her HBO Max TV show Selena + Chef, Selena Gomez’s cooking era is alive and well. On Wednesday, Food Network announced the actor will host two new programs for the channel, and what’s known about both of them is very promising.

    selena gomez poses on a red carpet wearing a velvet strapless dress

    In a press release, Food Network noted that the first of Gomez's two shows will premiere later this year, and it will be a “celebration-focused series just in time for the holidays.”

    selena gomez smiling in selena + chef

    The second series will come next year. “[It] will have her meeting up with some of the best chefs in the country in a quest to cook their most popular dishes when she visits their kitchens,” the press release stated.

    selena gomez poses on a red carpet promoting her Rare Beauty line

    That’s all that’s known right now. No, seriously. It’s little information, but it is exciting. It also makes total sense Gomez would work with Food Network. Both HBO Max and Food Network are owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, which means Gomez is staying within the same corporate family.

    selena gomez smiling in selena + chef

    Gomez has yet to announce the new series herself on social media, and it’s also unclear when the new shows will air. What impact, if any, this all has on the possibility of a fifth season of Selena + Chef is also unknown at the moment. That show, which followed professional chefs guiding Gomez on how to create dishes, finished out its fourth and most recent season last year.

    poster for season 4 of selena + chef

    In a way, this all makes sense. You need fuel to keep your energy up when working so hard, so it’s great to hear Gomez is keeping her chef’s hat on.

    It’s clear Gomez is keeping busy because, in March, she was spotted filming Season 3 of her Hulu series Only Murders in the Building. She's also reportedly working on new music.

    martin short, selena gomez, and steve martin on the set of only murders in the building. In the shot Selena is wearing a wedding gown