"American Horror Story" Just Dropped A Teaser Trailer For The New Season, And Kim Kardashian Is Nearly Unrecognizable

    She's back in her acting era.

    The time has finally come. In April, FX announced the reality star and SKIMS co-founder would appear in the upcoming 12th season of its long-running series American Horror Story. Now, months later, FX has released first looks at Kim Kardashian, as well as her costars Emma Roberts and Cara Delevingne, in the new season, which is titled Delicate.

    Closeup of Kim Kardashian

    On Thursday, the teaser trailer for the upcoming season dropped, and in it, Kim, Emma, and Cara (presumably in character) all have a similar style, donning bleach (or maybe whiteish) hair and intense spectacles. Here's Kim:

    Closeup of Kim Kardashian

    Here's Emma:

    Closeup of Emma Roberts

    And, finally, here's Cara:

    Closeup of Cara Delevingne

    The teaser trailer didn't reveal much more about the upcoming season, though it included footage of Kim holding a baby, as well as quick shots of a bird's nest, an unhatched egg, and a rocking baby cradle. The whole trailer was scored to a brooding rendition of the "rock-a-bye baby" nursery rhyme.

    Screenshot from the "American Horror Story" trailer

    This isn't Kim's first time acting. Over the years, she's occasionally appeared in films, such as Disaster Movie in 2008 and Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor in 2013, as well as the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva in 2012.

    Screenshots of Kim's acting work

    Most recently, in 2021, she voiced a poodle named Delores in the animated film PAW Patrol: The Movie. She'll voice Delores again in the upcoming sequel, PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, which will be released on Sept. 29.

    Side-by-side of Delores and Kim Kardashian

    A premiere date for American Horror Story: Delicate has not been announced.

    American Horror Story: Delicate

    Check out the full teaser trailer below:

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