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Kim Cattrall Had Something Very Gay To Say About Her “Sex And The City” Return In “And Just Like That…”

It feels so good to know Samantha Jones is back in the Sex and the City universe.

It’s official: Kim Cattrall is returning to play Samantha Jones.

On Wednesday, Variety broke the news that Cattrall — who played the one and only Samantha in all six seasons of Sex and the City, as well as two films — will cameo in Season 2 of the follow-up series, And Just Like That… as her beloved character.

Samantha sitting at a balcony table and wearing an oversized sunhat while talking on the phone

Cattrall confirmed the news herself Wednesday on Instagram in a way that’s so fitting for Samantha.

Sharing Variety’s Instagram post about the announcement, Cattrall didn’t have much to add aside from one beautifully simple comment that couldn’t have been better timed.

“Happy Pride 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🌈…..” Cattrall wrote.

Let's get one thing straight (sorry for the terribly timed pun): Kim's comment is perfect.

After all, it is the first day of Pride Month.

As SATC fans will recall, Samantha knows a thing or two about the power of the LGBTQ+ community.

In Season 6, Episode 6 of the series, Samantha is trying to boost the career of her model-actor man Smith Jerrod (Jason Lewis), when she utters the iconic phrase, “First come the gays, then the girls, then…the industry!”

Let's make one thing clear: There is no doubt the gays, girls, and the industry all are eagerly awaiting Kim’s return as Samantha.

Thankfully, we didn't even have to wait long for more And Just Like That... news.

On Wednesday, Max (formerly known as HBO Max) dropped the official trailer for Season 2.

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MAX / Via youtube.com

Kim doesn't make an appearance in the trailer, but that doesn't stop it from teasing what looks like a stellar second season.

The whole gang is back, and even Aidan (John Corbett) is making an appearance. The June 22 season premiere can't come soon enough.

Carrie and Aidan smile at each other as they sit at a restaurant dinner table

Happy Pride, indeed!

Carrie and the rest of the ladies on her wedding day

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