This Photo Of Jonathan Bailey And Ariana Grande On The Set Of “Wicked” Is Everything

    Jonathan as Fiyero, and Ariana as Glinda? Ya, I’m dancing through life.

    Never has a green and yellow uniform looked so good. As any Wicked fan knows by now, Jonathan Bailey (yes, that Jonathan Bailey from Bridgerton) plays the cute but conceited Fiyero in the upcoming film.

    jonathan bailey poses on red carpet in a tuxedo with a velvet jacket

    For months, photos of the cast have slowly trickled out for the upcoming film adaption of the blockbuster musical, which is being shot in the United Kingdom. This includes Ariana Grande as Glinda, Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba, and Michelle Yeoh as Madame Morrible all donning their full, ornate costumes.

    michelle yeoh and ariana grande pose for a photo at an event

    Now, we — finally! — have a first look at Bailey as Fiyero. Check out Bailey, alongside Grande on the film’s set in the United Kingdom, in the photo below:

    jonathan bailey and ariana grande laugh on the set of wicked

    OK, this photos is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! Bailey and Grande are full-body laughing and look impeccable. Bailey is donning that signature green and yellow Fiyero uniform, while Grande is wearing a purple gown and tiara, as is her right as Glinda.

    jonathan bailey and ariana grande laugh on the set of wicked in front of a set that is decorated with with foliage and flowers

    As the photo makes perfectly clear, Bailey already has the character’s signature charm down. Well, not that the actor was ever lacking in charisma himself — far from it.

    jonathan bailey poses for a photo while wearing a casual matching t-shirt, linen pants, and a light linen jacket

    That’s about it for now, though, when it comes to teasers for the movie. This is, of course, outside of the official first look photos of Glinda and Elphaba that dropped in March. You can check out those photos here.

    Still to be seen in full costume are Jeff Goldblum as the Wizard, Bowen Yang as Pfannee, and Ethan Slater as Boq, among other cast members.

    jeff goldblum on stage, holding a microphone

    Wicked is directed by Jon M. Chu, who is best known for directing Crazy Rich Asians and In the Heights. The adaptation is cowritten by Winnie Holzman and Stephen Schwartz, who also originated the 2003 musical.

    jon m. chu poses on a red carpet

    Expect Wicked to stay in the zeitgeist for years to come. The film will be split into two movies, with Part One set to release on Nov. 27, 2024. Part Two is expected to come in December 2025.