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    Christopher Nolan Revealed His Thoughts On Taylor Swift's Uncommon Release Strategy For Her Concert Film

    The Oppenheimer director name-dropped Taylor Swift in a recent interview.

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    Christopher Nolan and Taylor Swift are both having great years at the box office. Christopher's latest film, Oppenheimer, is currently the third highest-grossing film of the year, according to People.

    closeup of him in a suit

    As for Taylor, she turned her hit Eras tour into the highest-grossing concert film ever, and the film has only been in theaters since Oct. 11.

    closeup of her at the premiere

    Taylor's film even caught the eye of Christopher. So much so that in a recent interview, he praised how she released her movie directly to theaters without involving studios.

    she's on the stage with her guitar

    The Oppenheimer director alongside fellow film producer and his wife Emma Thomas sat for a discussion with biographer Kai Bird on Oct. 11 in conjunction with the Leon Levy Center for Biography. A recording of the conversation was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday.

    christopher and emma at the oppenheimer premiere
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    While discussing the state of the economy of movie theaters, Emma noted the trend of studios releasing films on streaming platforms instead of in theaters.

    the couple at the movie premiere

    This prompted Christopher to bring up Taylor's decision to release her concert doc through a deal with AMC, instead of working through a film studio as is the tradition for most major movie releases.

    "Taylor Swift is about to show the studios. Her concert film is not being distributed by the studios. It's being distributed by the theater owner, AMC, and it's going to make an enormous amount of money," he said.

    taylor at her concert film premiere

    "This is the thing. [The theater] is a format. This is a way of seeing things and sharing stories or sharing experiences that's incredibly valuable," he continued.

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    Christopher knows a thing or two about having a hit at the box office. According to Deadline, two of his films — The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises — have both grossed over $1 billion worldwide to date.

    You can watch Christopher and Emma's full conversation below:

    View this video on YouTube

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