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A Company That Makes Hoverboards Has Appeared On Kickstarter


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A company called Hendo has built a prototype Hoverboard!

The levitation technology uses magnets, specifically eddy currents, which occur in conductive metals when a magnet is moved over them

This means the hoverboard only works on certain metal surfaces... the designers are planning to build hoverparks!

They launched on Kickstarter looking for $250,000 to develop the technology

If you pledge $100 you can experience five minutes riding the hoverboard, or an hour long session for $1,000

And the reward for pledging $10,000 is your very own working hoverboard!

But for anyone who's keen to get their hands on levitation technology but doesn't have $10,000, there is The Whitebox

For $299, The Whitebox gives you a hover engine set and an area of metal surface to hover it on

The hover engines can be controlled via an app, so you can control the boxes movement

The aim of The Whitebox is to get the technology out there to people, to see what they do with it

I know what I'd do...

You didn't think you'd get through this article without a Back to the Future reference, did you?

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