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10 Outfits That Reveal Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Is Still Just As Crazy As Lady Gaga

See why the Queen of Kawaii still reigns.

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Lady Gaga may be on top when it comes to outrageous style in the western world, but Kyary Pamyu Pamyu—the Japanese singer known mainly in the USA for her viral video, "PonPonPon"—is the Queen of Kawaii in Japan. That's why many (including Kyary herself) seemed surprised when Lady Gaga upstaged the kawaii queen on her own turf during their joint appearance on the Japanese show, M Station.

If looks could kill...

Kotaku / Via

You might want to work on your poker face, Kyary.

Despite this minor slip-up, here are 11 reasons why Kyary still reigns supreme when it comes to outrageous style.


1. It’s one thing to have polka dots on your clothes. It’s an entirely different thing to have them on your hair, too.

Instagram / Via

And with fuzzy, bouncy antennae, too.

2. Speaking of hair, other pop stars may have colored wigs, but Kyary’s hair knows how to spell.


At least I think that says, “cool.” (Not to mention her dress is made entirely out of neon glasses and she winks at a goat in the full commercial.)

3. And just in case you’ve forgotten which season is coming up, Kyary’s hair is here to remind you.

Instagram / Via

I hope she does this again for Presidents’ Day. A bust of Bill Clinton would look great in hair form.

4. Sometimes she even forgoes hair altogether and replaces it with fruit.

Instagram / Via

8. Or when she wore what appears to be a smaller version of her own head as a hat in her “Tsukematsukeru” music video?

Warner Music Japan / Via

I guess they do say two heads are better than one. (I cringed just writing that joke.)

9. She may not ride down the red carpet in a pod, but she sells clothes in commercials by coming out of spaceships.

View this video on YouTube

g.u. / Via

I’m pretty sure she also zapped a man into a woman in this ad.

10. You might even say she’s got the whole world in the palm of her hands. Or on her head.

Instagram / Via
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