You Will Not Believe This Full Mario 64 Built In Minecraft

/r/MinecraftMario dare to dream the impossible dream.

1. The obsessives at /r/MinecraftMario are even closer to their goal: building a fully-functional Mario 64 inside of Minecraft.

Yesterday they released a new update on their progress. You can see everything they’re up to, including programming boss fights, at /r/MinecraftMario. In the meantime, gawk at their hard work!

2. The Mushroom Castle

4. Bob-omb Battlefield

6. Whomp’s Fortress

8. Cool Cool Mountain

10. Big Boo’s Haunt

12. Lethal Lava Land

14. Shifting Sands Land

16. Dire Dire Docks

18. Wet-Dry World

20. Snowman’s Land

22. Tick Tock Clock

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