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This Is Why You Should Never, Ever Lift Weights

Unless you want to be truly "explosive."

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Sure, it feels cool to crush a few reps of a heavy load.

But what if you ate lunch right before?

Or just a little snack, really?

Even like, a bite of a Cliff Bar?

Let alone half of an extra large stuffed crust Pizza Hut pizza?

Maybe try not to think about it? Maybe just focus on the burn?

But what about that entire ice cream cake?

Or that tub of Greek yogurt with croutons?

Or that box of Fruit by the Foot that was in your desk for awhile?

Or those two servings of re-heated brisket?

Not to mention the full tray of Jelly Bellys.

And the "Choco Taco" you made by melting a Hershey bar inside an Old El Paso taco shell?

Just, if you have to lift weights: Remember to wear pants.

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