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The Only Thing You Need To Read About Nintendo's New Games

A new Smash Brothers, a new Mario Kart, and a four-player Super Mario. So, is anyone going to buy a Wii U?

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So, the Wii U has been kind of a disaster. It hasn't sold well, it has almost no games, and it feels sort of cheap.


Today Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced a handful of new games, in an attempt to save the floundering hardware.

And they did show off new versions of some of their biggest franchises. Like, a new Mario Kart for Wii U.

It's called Mario Kart 8. Quick! Who can name Mario Kart 4? Exactly.


So, yeah, Nintendo is falling back on three legacy series. It could work. But there wasn't much else.

A new Pokemon for 3DS.

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And if anything got the internet excited, it was an HD remaster of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

You know, it's the one where you spend a lot of time in a boat.

So, yeah, there was a lot for the Nintendo fanatics to cover themselves in. But it might not be a good sign that the most exciting thing announced was a rerelease of a decade-old game.

Then again: Nintendo and nostalgia go hand in hand.

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