The 7 Worst Human Rights Abuses Committed By The New Xbox

It hates the poor, the military, and the Europeans, among others.

Nick Adams / Reuters

Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One, may include a variety of features that are unpopular amongst many gamers: a required internet connection, a fee to play used games, and an always-on camera.

The internet has discovered over the past few days that these features aren’t just de rigeur annoyances, but a series of actual moral crimes. Here are the worst of them.

1. The unemployed and underemployed use games to get through the day, and they can’t afford the internet.

Jason Schreier


@BenKuchera Because video games can be the only thing that gets unemployed/underemployed people through the day.

You know, the unemployed and underemployed people who spend $500 on a play box which has the most realistic combat dogs ever rendered, instead of thirty bucks for the internet, which has

2. The always-on camera can spy on you doing all the things you normally do in front of the television.

3. The Xbox One is a massive intellectual property crime against Sony.

4. It’s xenophobic.

5. It breaks European law.

6. We’re not all lawyers, KAY?

7. It’s unfair to the US military.

Actually, that last one is a pretty good point. TO THE HAGUE

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