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The 36 Most Iconic Sports Accessories

From LeBron's headband to Tim Tebow's Christianity, they're all here!

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1. Barry Bonds' Enormous Elbow Guard

2. Lebron's James' Headband


3. Florence Griffith Joyner's Nails

4. Kurt Rambis' Glasses

(And here's Harold Ramis' glasses, because I said so.)

5. LaDainian Tomlinson's Badass Visor

6. Allen Iverson's "Does Something Probably" Sleeve

7. Carmelo Anthony's "Two is Twice as Good as One" "Does Something Probably" Sleeves

8. Andre Agassi's Headband/Hair Combo

9. Denard Robinson's Untied Shoelaces

10. Dennis Rodman's Hair Coloring

11. John Olerud's Fielding Helmet

12. Deion Sanders' Bandana

13. Michael Phelps' Bong

14. Michael Johnson's Gold Spikes (and Chain)

15. Horace Grant's Goggles

16. Jim McMahon's Throwing Gloves

17. Patrick Ewing's Kneepads

18. Tim Tebow's Christianity

19. Ken Griffey, Jr.'s Backwards Cap

20. Petr Cech's Head Thing

21. Lenny Dykstra's Face Full of Tobacco

22. Brian Bosworth's Neck Roll

23. Bjorn Borg's Headband

24. Brian Wilson's Beard

25. Keith Hernandez's Mustache

26. Rex Ryan's Tattoo

27. Lance Armstrong's Sanctimony

28. Rip Hamilton's Mask

(No One Cared Who He Was Until He Put On the Mask)

29. John Randle's "Adam West" Eyeblack

30. Martina Navratilova's Glasses

31. Tom Landry's Hat

32. Bill Belichick's Crimes Against Aesthetics

33. Brett Favre's Crocs

34. Tiger Woods' Red Shirt

35. Gary Sheffield's Braces

And though it's technically part of his body, it must be included:

36. Michael Jordan's Tongue

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