It’s the first time the world’s most valuable company has held a big product announcement in the Big Apple.

Joseph Bernstein • 19 hours ago

The company had previously removed Farrakhan’s special verified status after a previous anti-Semitic tweet.

Joseph Bernstein • One day ago

Once a piece of anodyne personal advice, the phrase has become a catchall insult that expresses some of our darkest fears about the internet attention economy and the people who thrive there.

Joseph Bernstein • 17 days ago

Lawyer Mark Randazza is a free speech crusader for some of the internet's vilest characters, who have run afoul of social networks. Is he fighting for a time-tested principle, or an American dogma that has run its course?

Joseph Bernstein • 27 days ago

The footage will likely add fuel to conservative arguments that Silicon Valley is arrayed against the right.

Joseph Bernstein • One month ago

Apple just announced three big, brand new iPhones today.

Pranav Dixit • One month ago

The move comes as states sue the Trump administration to prevent the digital blueprints from being posted online.

Joseph Bernstein • 2 months ago

Lane Davis was a far-right, pro-Trump media figure looking for his big break. Then he stabbed his father to death.

Joseph Bernstein • 3 months ago

“I know nothing about that game, nothing about who created it or who plays it.”

Joseph Bernstein • 3 months ago

BuzzFeed News uncovered old posts on Reid's blog that promoted a 9/11 conspiracy video and featured an image of Sen. John McCain’s head photoshopped onto the body of the Virginia Tech shooter.

Charlie Warzel • 4 months ago

The MSNBC host’s controversial old blog posts continue to surface, as Reid and the network stick to hacking claims.

Joseph Bernstein • 4 months ago

The MSNBC host, who has recently come under fire for claiming her blog was hacked, encouraged her readers to watch Loose Change.

Joseph Bernstein • 4 months ago

A rising star on the right, Owens was CEO of a site that compared Trump to Hitler and speculated that he has a small penis.

Joseph Bernstein • 5 months ago

In 2016, a tip from Jonathan Nichols led to an FBI investigation. A source familiar with FBI investigations told BuzzFeed News it was a waste of time.

Joseph Bernstein • 5 months ago

The pro-Trump social media sensations repeated disproven claims that they had never been paid by the Trump campaign and that they had been "blocked" by Facebook for being conservative.

Joseph Bernstein • 5 months ago

Reid told Mediaite yesterday that an “external actor” added anti-gay posts to her now-defunct blog. Today, the Internet Archive said that it found “nothing to indicate” that its Wayback Machine had been tampered with.

Joseph Bernstein • 5 months ago

As the crisis at Facebook intensified, a Mercer adviser met senior managers to ask for an outside inquest. He told BuzzFeed News Facebook initially seemed open to the idea — then suddenly didn’t.

Joseph Bernstein • 6 months ago

Former Republican aide Mike Lofgren wanted to call attention to the way entrenched interests in Washington, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley are hurting the country. Now, he says the term he helped popularize is “like a virus,” and a catchphrase for the very forces he hoped to weaken.

Joseph Bernstein • 6 months ago

As the furor over the controversial data firm's abuse of Facebook data raged on, its suddenly embattled top brass received a full-throated endorsement Wednesday afternoon.

Joseph Bernstein • 7 months ago