How To Train Your (Bearded) Dragon (To Be A Video Game Master)

Caution: She may sympathize with Bowser.

1. Get her started at a young age.

2. Really reinforce during those early years.

3. Eventually, she’ll be itching to play. Still, games are only for grown-up bearded dragons. Some of them are violent!

4. OK. When she’s old enough, give her that first controller. She’ll be overjoyed!

5. Let her get used to it. That thing is made for human hands, not claws!

6. Soon enough, she’ll get the hang of it. This is when you sit back and smile: Your baby is growing up.

7. Eventually, your bearded lizard may be able to beat you at games. This is not cause for alarm, but celebration.

8. Give her plenty of practice, and one day she may be a true gaming master, like this fine specimen.

9. For more tips, consult Reddit.

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