Gamer Trolls Continue Their War On A Reasonable Woman

Creeps force removal of video about sexism in gaming.

Anita Sarkeesian, the blogger who makes the smart and frighteningly comprehensive Feminist Frequency web series, today posted a new video in her series about regressive tropes in gaming. It was up for an hour before she noticed something was wrong.

Feminist Frequency


Looks like my harassers abused YouTube’s flag function to get my new Tropes vs Women video removed. Not the first time it’s happened.

At the Game Developer’s Conference in March, Sarkeesian discussed the sustained campaign of harassment and intimidation she has faced from internet trolls, who have threatened her safety. Fortunately, so far they just seem to be a bunch of sad creeps.

A typical response, from The Escapist forums:

“Because even Youtube doesn’t want to deal with Sarkeesian’s bull crap.

Why anybody listens to that greedy idiot, I will truly never know. Their are many, much more qualified people that actually know about games and know how to talk about this issue without sounding like a arrogant babbling idiot.”

Google has not responded to BuzzFeed’s requests for comment regarding the flagging and removal.

Here’s part one of “Tropes Versus Women in Gaming.”

Update: The video is back up on YouTube, for the time being.

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