36 Reasons Wu-Tang Is For The Children

    Paddy-cake paddy-cake HEY!

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    25 Reasons Why Wu-Tang Is for the Children #BlackBuzzFeed

    Dee Phunk


    25 Reasons Why Wu-Tang Is for the Children #BlackBuzzFeed

    1. In 1998, Ol Dirty Bastard stormed the stage of the Grammys to make a bold declaration: "Wu-Tang is for the children."

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    "When it comes to the children, we teach the children. Wu Tang is for the children."

    2. And he meant it. One of his many nicknames was "Big Baby Jesus."






    8. Here is Ghostface Killah with his pregnant wife:

    9. Plus Ghostface has this song, "Baby."

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    12. GZA cooperated with NYC schools to teach high school science through hip-hop.

    13. They rap constantly about "seeds." Seeds = kids.

    From "Glaciers of Ice": "My seeds, run with his seeds, marry his seeds

    That's how we keep Wu-Tang money all up in the family."

    Explained by Rap Genius: "Our kids grow up together and then marry each other, keeling all of wealth inside the family. A practice used among royalty."

    14. Here is Shallah Raekwon with one of his seeds:

    15. Here is Method Man with a seed:

    16. Here is RZA talking to some seeds:

    17. In this picture, U-God looks a bit like a big child.

    18. Method Man (and Red Man) taught kids about the importance of higher learning in the seminal coming of age movie How High.

    19. Wu-Tang loves ice cream, and so do children.

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    20. If you've ever listened to Wu-Tang, you know they're like the nine awesomest boy-dorks in the world. They have a video where they all turn into super bees.

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    21. ODB said that he and Mariah Carey "go back like babies and pacifiers."

    22. WUUU CAN I GET A


    24. ODB talks about babies all the time! Like he frequently says "Oooh BABY I like it raw."

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    Not sure what he means. But that's for the children all right.


    26. This kid is kind of a scrub but whatever.

    27. This baaaaaaad lil lady makes up for him.

    28. "H-U-F-F Huff and I puff!"

    29. In fact, the whole song "Method Man" is sort of one, long, incredible nursery rhyme.

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    30. And yeah, even though Method Man is constantly stoned and horny, doesn't he seem like he'd just be the tightest uncle?


    32. "After laughter, comes tears."

    33. They call each other "son" constantly. Example: "I call my brother son 'cause he shine like one."