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A List Of My Top 10 Favorite Numbers

Number 4 will blow you away.

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1. 18

This number is pretty cool, it's in between 17 and 19. If you turn it upside down it makes 81.

2. 7

Once I was 7 years old, and I thought cats and dogs mated.

3. 11

These go to Eleven.

4. 9

This number is what some like to call an "odd" number.

5. 83

This number takes 83 digits to get to. It's a little bit larger but that's OK.

6. 42

Sometimes 41 can come before this number, but sometimes the color blue can come before this number if you are on a football field.

7. 5

Many people have five fingers on each of their hands, but that's only the people with 1 thumb and 5 fingers per hand.

8. 8

If you turn this number sideways it could go on forever.

9. 28

This was a close runner-up, but still not my favorite number.

10. 3

Congratulations to Three for being my favorite number. I am proud of you.

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