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12 Disney Movies That Have Horrifying Origin Stories

Rated "D" for dark.

Cinderella contained blood and mutilation.

Sleeping Beauty shouldn't even be a story for kids.

Belle had very envious sisters.

Snow White should have been directed by Quentin Tarantino.

The Little Mermaid is actually a heartbreaking tragedy.

In the original story:

In the Hans Christian Andersen version, the small print in the agreement is that Ariel's legs will hurt all the time, as if she were walking on knives. Since pain and seduction don't mix, in the end the prince marries another woman and Ariel throws herself into the ocean, where she turns into sea foam.

In real life, Mulan loses the war.

Originally, Rapunzel married a blind prince.

Pocahontas had very little interaction with John Smith.

Hercules was a savage, killer, rapist, and genocida who was poisoned by his own mother.

The hunchback of Notre Dame died of hunger in a cemetery.

Pinocchio never became a real boy.

Mowgli committed genocide.

RIP to your childhood.

This post was translated from Spanish.