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    Whenever You Feel Overwhelmed, Remember This

    Compared to the universe, you're nothing more than a speck of dust, but you're the most complex speck of dust in existence.

    1. This big, wet rock is Earth. All your friends live there.

    2. It's home to many natural wonders.

    3. And some others made by man.

    4. The moon orbits it at a distance of 238,900 miles.

    5. We went there once.

    6. Together they go around a hydrogen ball in a state of constant nuclear fusion, which breaks and combines atoms in increasingly complex elements.

    7. A little further than the Sun is Mars, a planet completely inhabited by robots.

    8. And beyond an asteroid belt is Jupiter, a gas giant that keeps us safe from meteorites.

    9. Even farther, at the edge of the Solar System, there is a dwarf planet called Pluto.

    10. Together, our Solar System occupies a small space in the Milky Way, our galaxy.

    11. Beyond which lies impressive spectacles, like the Helix Nebula, 650 light years away.

    12. Nebulae result from the death of a star.

    13. When stars run out of fuel, they explode, throwing whatever remains of them into space.

    14. Sometimes, the shapes they take on can be very complicated.

    15. And sometimes, if they are big, new stars can emerge from their remains.

    16. But if they are really big, at least 25 times bigger than our Sun, they can become black holes.

    17. And when a black hole becomes really massive, its gravitational force can direct an entire galaxy.

    18. Endless massive black holes are making endless galaxies spin, with thousands of stars and countless bodies and planets.

    19. Each one is special. Like this one, in the shape of a hat.

    20. There are as many galaxies in the universe as there are grains of sand on a beach.

    21. And when we look at the edge of the observable universe, billions of light years away, we can still see new galaxies being born.

    22. As Stephen Hawking said, "We are just an advanced breed of monkeys, on a minor planet of a very average star."

    This post was translated from Spanish.