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    Barry B. Benson Is The Father Of Freddie Benson From "iCarly" And Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

    I know you're skeptical, but bear with us...

    Bee Movie is that Dreamworks film that promoted inter-species love.


    And iCarly is the best gift Nickelodeon gave our generation.


    And even though they may seem like entirely different things at first glance, there's an explosive new fan theory that suggests that they may exist in the same universe.


    Are you ready for your mind to get blown all over the place?



    The evidence is all there. You can't argue with facts.

    But in case you needed more evidence, Freddy himself has even confirmed the theory.

    Someone finally figured it out... Theory confirmed.

    The tweet says "Someone finally figured it out... Theory confirmed."

    It was right there in front of our eyes this whole time.

    Dreamworks / Nickelodeon

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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