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    Confused About The State Of The World? At Least You Don't Have This Problem!

    Tag a friend to make them equally confused.

    1. Don't you hate when you open the butter container and it's filled with beans?

    2. And then you go to bake some cupcakes but... they're beans?

    3. You figure maybe it's punishment for trying to have dessert before dinner, so you make yourself some proper food... what is happening here?

    4. The surprise made you thirsty, so you go get a Coke but...

    5. Hmmm, something's definitely up... What could happen if you cut a harmless...?

    6. Whatever. At least you still have your health, money, and...

    7. You decide to make yourself a cup of coffee to deal with this problem.

    8. Maybe an espresso?

    9. What about tea for the nerves?

    10. You go to brush your teeth to get the bad taste out but...

    11. You take a bath to relax but you feel the beans are watching.

    12. With body and mind clean, you decide to get dressed but THE BEANS ARE STILL THERE.

    13. Maybe you need something to calm you down but...

    14. No vice is enough. The beans are chasing you.

    15. You go for something a little stronger...

    16. Anything to get away from the beans.

    17. But you quickly spin out of control.

    18. Too late! The beans have taken over your life.

    H/T to this page for compiling all the weird things people do with beans.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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