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Tips To Deal With The Dental Emergencies Faced By Little Ones

Dental emergencies in babies and kids can be haunting more for the parents than kids themselves but there is no big thing to worry about when we have advanced medical technologies available. However, it is also not the matter to be taken lightly. It is highly advised to the parents not to get panic but they should not delay consulting the dentist in case a dental emergency occurs. The reason is that if you leave the dental injury to your baby’s teeth or tooth unattended, there is a chance that this injury will start affecting the permanent tooth growing under the gum.

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The curiousness and energy inside the growing children is totally understandable. However, this natural curiousness often leads these children to have bruises and injuries. And hence, there are more chances for the direct and dangerous impacts on the front of the face. It usually happens to the children who are in the process of learning get up and walk. Nevertheless, there is no need to panic if your child has injured himself during the process. Below are some tips that may help you in dealing with different types of injuries that your child might have.

Children often injure their tongue when they fall down while trying to walk. These injuries often cause a lot of blood to rush out from the wound. If it is the smaller cut, you don’t need to worry about it because it will heal by itself quite sooner than you may expect. However, if it is the bigger cut and blood keeps coming out of it, you need to take your child to the nearby health physician to ensure that proper steps are being followed to stop this passage of blood. Same goes for the cuts on lips and gums. Sometimes, the gums receive injury but the teeth remain intact. In that situation, you can apply cold objects to the gums to ensure that blood stops flowing out of the cut.

The knocked out baby tooth is usually not re-implanted. The dentist will tell you to wait for the adult tooth to grow. However, if the adult tooth is knocked out, the dentist may be able to re-implant that tooth without 1- 2 hours. What you need to do is to immediately place that tooth in a container and keep it dipped in the milk. Don’t ever scrub the tooth in order to clean it as it will cause the attached nerves to be washed away. Take the child and the tooth to the dental emergency and hand the case over to the dentist.

When the piece of the tooth is broken

If the tooth gets broken and you see a broken line of reddish color running up to the gums, take your child to the dentist as soon as you can. A minor shift of position of the tooth doesn’t normally represent a dental emergency. However, you still need to call your dentist to tell the situation. Your dentist will tell you whether or not the tooth requires immediate attention.

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