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11 Reasons To Go Out On A Work Night

You've totally earned it. Use any of these iron clad excuses to go have some fun. Just make sure to start your night with a shot of Jose Cuervo and Have A Story.

1. To forget the unbearable awkwardness of workplace interactions.

Buzzfeed / Ben Rosen

2. Dinosaurs don't get weekdays anymore. Do it for the dinosaurs.

Deborah Davis / Getty

3. Your work clothes make you look like a damn secret agent.

threephin / Via Flickr: threephin

4. America was discovered on a weekday.

French School / Getty

Well, it was on a Friday...but shhhh I'm trying to help you out here, dude.

5. Literally ZERO scientists have told us that it's a bad idea.

Jamie Grill / Getty

6. Nostradamus predicted that people who stay in their room to watch Netflix tonight will officially be "lame."

farrokhi / Via Flickr: farrokhi

7. Statistically speaking, you probably won't get attacked by a bear.

Mark Newman / Getty

8. Weekday in Dutch is "weekdag"...which is hilarious.

Images Etc Ltd / Getty

9. Weekday Specials > Weekend Specials.

jm3 / Via Flickr: jm3

10. Believe In Yourself.

Polar Cruises / Via Flickr: polarphotos

Make the right call.