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11 Clear Signs That You're The Life Of The Party

Nobody wants a boring party. Thankfully there are party angels who walk amongst us. (Keep up the good work.) If you want to make an ordinary night more exciting, make sure to start with a shot of Jose Cuervo and Have A Story to tell tomorrow.

1. Even though there aren't a lot of people at the party, it always seems crowded around you.

2. At some point, you find yourself playing the piano even though you've never had a lesson in your life.

3. Every time you tell a story, people hang on your every word.

4. Even when you do something embarrassing, you're hilarious.

5. Everyone compliments your fashion sense because you know all about rockin' that wolf on your noggin.

Greg Walters / Via Flickr: gregwalters

6. You somehow crush karaoke without knowing any of the songs.

Rick Diamond / Via Getty

7. When you DJ at the party, it's like... magic. You know?

8. People at the party have a deep admiration for your ninja-like ability to appear in the background of every photo.

toritoons / Via Flickr: toritoons

9. You order pizza for everyone and automatically win the party.

10. Your dancing is legendary. For better or for worse.

11. Leaving is impossible because the goodbyes take forever.

Inspired by Jose Cuervo. Have A Story