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10 Lines To Save Your Story From Bombing

Storytelling is what's the word? HARD. Use these sure-fire story enhancers to pick up the slack when you swing and miss. Great stories start with a shot of Jose Cuervo so make the night memorable and Have A Story to tell tomorrow.

So you're telling an amazing story but still getting a lot of this

Ben Rosen
Ben Rosen

FEAR NOT. Here are some lines guaranteed to get the blood pumping again

1. "and that's how I learned my dad was a dolphin"

Carlos Mendoza Photo / Via Flickr: fotodisenocm

2. "the room was filled wall to wall with adorable puppies..."

scott_thepug / Via

3. "I was just sitting there and attack"

Philippe Henry / Getty

4. "...did I mention that I was covered in fire?"

5. This:

6. "I don't remember too much about the abduction"

mortau / Via

7. "that famous person you like wore an outfit that everyone hated"

Christopher Polk / Getty

8. "the werewolves... they... *sniff* ...they got Steve"

9. "and then I SAID... that's not a sandwich, that's my fiance"

cheycheylopez / Via

10. If all else fails....