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    • josea433d647c9

      I’m extremely late to the party but had to comment once I read these responses. I have a couple of points. 1. Many of the Futbol fans keep bringing up stamina as the main reason our athletes wouldn’t make it in their sport but I call bs on that. Futbol players do not run and sprint constantly for 90 minutes they are often standing or jogging throughout the match when the ball is not in play in their area. 2. Our best athletes are not interested in futbol and they live in underprivileged areas. The USMNT is comprised of mostly suburban, college grads and not underprivileged urban youth. Futbol isn’t in our equation at all when it comes to playing sports, it is non existent. 3. The author of the article didn’t chose the players that would translate well to Futbol. It’s ridiculous to imagine that a person that has never played Futbol their entire life would be succesful on the World stage but make no mistake about it if EVERYONE in our country was raised from birth to play Futbol we would be one of the best in the World. The people that post on here suggesting that our athletes are not superior just need to look at the Olympics, please look at the medal count for the last 40 years and tell me who has the most?

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