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10 Reasons Why Professionals And Companies Should Use Twitter

If you are a freelancer or perhaps part of a company or organisation, using Twitter can bring many benefits to you and the group you represent.In the following 10 reasons which professionals and businesses should use Twitter know the benefits and can answer questions such as why my company should be on Twitter ?, how to use Twitter professionally? I advise you first read this guide and then create a Twitter account

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1. It's free

The magic word not only for ordinary people but also for all who are responsible for communications and promotions an organization: Free . Creating a Twitter account has no cost and takes less than 5 minutes.

Few means can say that there is no cost to access them. And many less those who in just 5 minutes connect you with millions of people and potential customers. If you are interested in taking care of your budget, use Twitter you definitely can bring economic benefits .

2. It is an excellent self-promotion tool

If you are a professional who wants to promote their services, Twitter can help you find new customers and job opportunities . Sharing relevant updates and using hashtags popular you can get to get a significant number of followers that will grow your reputation on the topic that interests you.

And if you represent a company or organization, you can use Twitter to promote the latest news from your company , find fans of your brand and get feedback that will help you refine your communication strategies

3. Generate more traffic for your website

Everyone who has a website wants to get more visitors to your site. Among other reasons, this allows you to communicate your products or services to more people and also get money through the notices that present your pages.

Twitter updates can carry links to your website, which added a good number of followers, can help you get more visitors to your website .

4. Connects you with other professionals and companies

Twitter allows you to establish new professional relationships, develop collaborative networks and create new contacts in areas that interest you. Every day thousands of professionals and companies seek to connect with their peers in this social network to exchange information and ideas.As a network where are privileged profiles that are public, Twitter lets you follow people and companies (David Sammon)without having to be known prior manner. So, maybe your next contact on Twitter offers you a job , you help build a business or become your business partner.

5. Generate more sales and new customers

A good campaign on Twitter can help you get new customers . Many companies use Twitter to develop special promotions, offer discounts or exclusive access to content.

These promotions can generate more sales in a given period and help your company reach its business goals.

6. Helping to find candidates for employment positions

There are many who daily use Twitter (in English) to search job offers and those companies they admire. Organizations can thus use this social network to find the staff needed to fill available positions that exist in them.

An update on Twitter that contains a basic description of the offer, or includes a link to the job description, can help applicants get a faster and cheaper way compared to other traditional media.

7. Keeps you informed about popular topics and news

If your work involves being constantly informed about what is popular and knowing what the most talked about news, you can use Twitter to follow those who generate this information while doing searches on other topics. Twitter is very useful for those working in communications , for these reasons.

Companies can also use Twitter to learn about new trends, brands and products that are popularized through this network, as well as understand how people react to them.

8. Connect with customers and fans of your brand

With millions of users commenting on thousands of topics each day, it is not difficult to find those who constantly mention their favorite brands and products.

A company can take advantage of Twitter to communicate with his most loyal followers directly, thus generating good PR plus get valuable feedback that can serve to devise or improve their products or services.

9. Modernize your skills and the image of your company

Just as a few years ago it was back prerequisite for a job using a computer knowledge, today many companies are seeking professionals who can manage in the field of popular social networks . Learning to use Twitter allows you to compete and keep up with other professionals in your area.

A company that uses Twitter also benefits, since being present in this network modernizes the image of that organization and helps to present itself as a company that knows how to make use of new technologies

10. Encourage your creativity and that of your company

If you're a creative editor, publisher or advertising writer freelance , Twitter can help you develop a more direct and effective content . Being able to write popular and creative updates is something valued by advertising agencies and companies that recognize the importance of this social network.

Businesses can also benefit from Twitter by investigating what kind of updates generate the most followers and retweets for their competition. These results can be used to design a more creative communication that is capable of generating better results.

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