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    • jorger9

      Buzzfeed: You HAVE to include Palácio da Pena in Sintra in this list! It’s situated atopamountain in the little village of Sintra, close to Lisbon, which is said to beamystical place, where ghosts come out at night, where witches perform wizardry… And the most amazing mist/fog surrounds the mountain… (I’m not kidding, if you look it up online you’ll see various reports)and anyone who’s been there will tell you it’safantastic place. Moreover, the Palácio was the summer residence for the last Royal Families of Portugal and it’s built to look likeawonderland castle, full of color and beautiful motives. There is alsoaMoorish Castle there very famous. And you have the Castles of Saint George in Lisbon and Castle of Guimarães in Northern Portugal to add to the list.

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