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    Updated on Aug 20, 2020. Posted on Aug 10, 2013

    Watch Tom Hiddleston Sing "The Bare Necessities" Like A Pro

    The dashing British actor gave Disney fans and Hiddlestoners alike a serenade of his favorite Disney song. By the way, he's voicing Captain Hook!

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    Tom Hiddleston was announced to the audience at D23 on Friday as the voice of James, a young pirate ship cabin boy, in the upcoming Tinker Bell spinoff movie, The Fairy Pirate (co-starring Christina Hendricks!). To prove his Disney fanboy credentials, he told the story of how he loves The Jungle Book and said that Baloo is his spiritual guide; one time, Hiddleston explained, he sang the song "The Bare Necessities" during an audition.

    Naturally, the crowd wanted to hear it. And he delivered. And some fan was able to get video, it seems, even if they weren't supposed to be recording.

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