Watch Emile Hirsch Tell A Drunken, Trippy, And Raunchy Story

    In this exclusive clip from The Motel Life, the actor weaves a very interesting tale. Photos too!

    Emile Hirsch has a special talent for playing the down and out guy from wrong side of the tracks — see: Killer Joe and even Prince Avalanche — and he does it again in The Motel Life. Directed by brothers Alan and Gabe Polsky and based on the novel by Willy Vlautin, the film co-stars Stephen Dorff, Dakota Fanning, Joshua Leonard, and Kris Kristofferson in a story about two brothers who have struggled to survive on the outskirts of Reno since they were abandoned as kids.

    Hirsch, who play's Dorff's brother, makes life bearable through tall tales that are animated in this unique indie film by Portland-based artist Mike Smith.

    In this exclusive clip, Hirsch spins a yarn and Smith produces some drawings that'll make you trip. And if that's not enough, there are more photos below that should finish the job.

    The Motel Life opens on VOD and iTunes and in select theaters on November 8.