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Vin Diesel As The Mona Lisa And 14 Other Insane Pieces Of Fan Art

Fast and Furious 6 is expected to race to a big box office win this weekend. Sure, it's got sweet car crashes, but its real secret is the ginormous fan base — seriously, 41 million Facebook fans — of the big softy.

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1. Da Vinci's Diesel

2. Vin Diesel and Usher riding down a volcano on a sled pulled by two white tigers, as told in the Bible

3. He built the pyramids with his own two hands

4. Trees only grow because sunlight is nourished by a Diesel filter before reaching Earth

5. He's a man of few words, because he's talking telepathically with tigers

6. Sleep easy, for Diesel stands guard at the gate of dreams, ready to chase away all nightmares

7. Welcome to the gritty Super Mario reboot. Boo.

8. "This shit is bananas"

9. Spoiler alert: He's the big bad behind the entire Marvel Universe

10. Hard to tell here, but he's actually keeping this elephant from collapsing

11. Poetry, just a little thing he does on the side, for himself

12. If you're not thinking about Vin Diesel every time you see a baby's tiny feet, see a shrink ASAP or refrain from having children entirely

13. Stocking stuffer

14. Lucky cat

15. Actually, this may not be the most complimentary thing

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