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The Top 10 Most Awesome '80s TV Shows, According To Adam Scott

An expert on 1980s television, the Parks and Rec star offers up his carefully chosen list of favorites.

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1. Late Night With David Letterman

"Late Night with David Letterman would be number one. Other than Letterman at number one this is in no particular order."

2. Monty Pyton's Flying Circus

"I discovered Monty Python's Flying Circus in the 80s because that's when I sort of came to, even though it wasn't really an 80's show, I would put it probably at number two because I kind of devoured it in elementary school in the 80s."

3. Thirtysomething

"As a teenager for some reason I connected to it, for whatever reason I was really really into Thirtysomething. I think also I wanted to dress like Ken Olin and wanted to be a sensitive dad. And I remember they played 'Angel of Harlem' in an episode and Melanie Mayron invited someone to go see U2, and I remember thinking, 'Yeah, they're not touring right now but that's cute and I appreciate them using 'Angel of Harlem.'' They did not tour behind 'Rattle & Hum,' at least not in the US, but I understand what you're trying to do and I appreciate it."

4. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

5. Cheers

"It really is perfect. It does that thing with the multi-cam where the relationships are so real, and sometimes in multi-cam people feel that things are pushed beyond reality in a way, but on Cheers they were so grounded."

6. Soap

"I loved Soap. Soap was great. I think it was syndicated in the 80s so I watched a lot of that. They did that interesting thing where they were making fun of soap operas but they had soapy storylines that you totally get wrapped up in."

7. Simon & Simon

"I was really into that."


8. The Cosby Show

9. Magnum PI

10. Taxi

"Judd Hirsch in that show is incredible."

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