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    10 Adorable Photos Of The Kitten Bowl, The Feline Super Bowl Extravaganza

    Last spring, Hallmark announced that it was putting on the first annual Kitten Bowl, a rival to the beloved Puppy Bowl. It filmed on Wednesday, and thanks to Sports on Earth's report and these photos, we have the inside edge on this furry throw down.

    1. The pre-game walkthrough, so they can get comfortable with this huge stadium

    Emma Span/Sports on Earth

    There are actually four "games" involved, so the whole thing is actually a Kitten Playoffs, as Sports on Earth reporter Emma Span notes.

    2. And the pre-game stretch, making sure the pouncing legs are ready!

    Emma Span/Sports on Earth

    FYI there is a kitten named Terry Bradclaw.

    3. Meanwhile, kitten tailgaters enjoy the pre-game from outside the stadium

    Emma Span/Sports on Earth

    4. Like good sports, they meet for the coin toss and paw shake

    Emma Span/Sports on Earth

    "Okay, if you need to cough up a hairball, go to the sidelines. Agreed?"

    5. And they're off! It's already a mad scramble, the defense active

    Emma Span/Sports on Earth

    There are multiple "balls" in play, so things are just confusing as all hell.

    6. Ehh, you're lookin' the wrong way, kitty

    Emma Span/Sports on Earth

    That is going to be a nice close-up of a cat butt.

    7. The kittens get catty on the sidelines with passions running so high

    Emma Span/Sports on Earth

    Or maybe they're grooming?

    8. The ref looks closely... did the ball cross endzone line?

    Emma Span/Sports on Earth

    It looks like he's birthing a cat, FYI.

    9. Touchdown! Watch the taunting, though

    Emma Span/Sports on Earth

    "Come get some."

    10. The kitty champion tears down the goal post!

    Emma Span/Sports on Earth

    Luckily, they have nine lives. Zing.

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