26 Very Important Things To Know Before The "Parks And Rec" Season Premiere

Leslie, Ron, and the rest of the gang return Thursday night for Season 6. Treat yoself to this recap of all the must-know Pawnee gossip.

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5. Which is bad news, since Rashida Jones is leaving halfway through the season!!!!


As BuzzFeed first reported, Jones and Rob Lowe will depart Pawnee this year; Jones is moving on to her own writing and development deal, which includes several sold shows and a movie already.

8. And business is booming!


In fact, someone wanted to buy the whole operation from Tom — it may or may not have been Diddy — but he declined. So a rival clothing rental store is coming to Pawnee.

14. Unfortunately, April won't be there to help Leslie in her re-call election fight.


Apparently, Pawnee doesn't take too kindly to public health codes, especially diabetes prevention.

15. And Leslie's accidentally great relationship with the porn community won't help matters.


Just don't blame guest star Jason Schwartzman, who is a champion of the human spirit.

17. And at least Jerry won't be around as much to screw things up.


Homeboy has retired to his gorgeous wife and murinals. But then again, who will lick all those envelopes? And be lovable? Save Jerry!

And now, some things to know about the new season:

The hour-long premiere of Parks and Rec Season 6 airs Thursday, Sept. 26, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.