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Michael Cera's Adorably Awkward And Strange Appearance On Letterman

The Late Show host declared, over and over, his fondness and concern for the actor and his "tiny head." It was delightful.

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When actors make the talk show rounds to promote a project, they generally have a few stock anecdotes to tell the host. That doesn't always work out when visiting Late Show with David Letterman.

Michael Cera joined the host to promote his movie Crystal Fairy on Monday night, and right from the start, Letterman informed the actor both of his fondness for him and his concern for his safety. Cera is 25 years old, but to Letterman, he's more like 16. Apparently, he's been watching a lot of Arrested Development lately.

The clip only gets better, as Cera more or less spends the entire time talking about a bizarre date that he went on while in Chile.

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