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    Jul 17, 2013

    A Celebration Of Matt Harvey, The Perfect Pitcher And Physical Pinnacle Of Mankind

    The 24-year-old righty throws smoke, is super intense, and knows how to party. How the hell is he a Met?

    Matt Harvey is the starting pitcher of the All-Star game in his first full Major League season.

    Mike Segar / Reuters

    Drafted in the first round of the 2010 draft, Harvey spent three years at UNC. He was projected as a number two starter; instead, he's a sick, sick ace.

    He repped hard at the All-Star game.

    Sure, he got into a little bit of trouble in the first inning, but overall, Harvey pitched two scoreless innings, with 3 K's — including one on a filthy riding fastball.

    His fastball hits 100 mph regularly.

    Which makes his curveball a big surprise.

    And his slider just a big, steaming bucket of LOL not fair!

    Imagine trying to prepare for these pitches? You're helpless!

    Any surprise that he leads the National League with 147 K's?

    Hey, guy can hit a little bit, too.

    When he pitches, Mets fans declare it a holiday: Harvey Day!

    Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

    He's incredibly tough. Scary tough. Really scary tough.

    Imagine this face throwing 100 mph heat at you?

    Good god that's terrifying!

    This guy tried to haze him as a rookie. Didn't work out.

    As Yahoo! reported, Jon Rauch, a 6'10" relief pitcher drenched in tattoo ink, dumped a bucket of ice water on Harvey while he was napping. So Harvey, a 23-year-old rookie, got in his face and challenged him to a fight.

    Rauch politely declined.

    He's quite aware of his physical prowess.

    Harvey didn't agree to be in the ESPN Magazine Body Issue; he aggressively pushed to be a part of it.

    But it doesn't mean he's not a willing to lend a helpful hand.

    A uniform isn't the only thing Mr. Harvey can fill out.

    An avowed style buff, he hits up all the best men's shops in Manhattan. And even takes reporters.

    He doesn't play it safe, either

    Harvey is a big Rangers fan and now, BFF with star goalie Henrik Lundqvist.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen

    "'He calls me sometimes and says, 'Let's go shopping, teach me some stuff,'" Lundqvist said.

    Don't worry, Matt knows the value of friendship with his own teammates, too.

    And has a healthy relationship with Russian supermodel Anne V.

    So yeah, it's pretty easy for the guy to laugh at himself.

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    Of course, Mets fans are cautious: We've had some phenoms before.

    Remember Dwight Gooden? Best just remember 1984-88.

    How about Generation K?!/httpImage/image.JPG_gen

    Sorry to remind you...

    Don't worry; Harvey is excited about the challenge.

    Jeff Chiu / AP

    "I love the idea of coming into a struggling franchise and seeing if I can help them win," he said. "First off, I hate to lose. At anything. Secondly, who doesn't want to be the guy to help turn something around?"