A Celebration Of Matt Harvey, The Perfect Pitcher And Physical Pinnacle Of Mankind

    The 24-year-old righty throws smoke, is super intense, and knows how to party. How the hell is he a Met?

    Matt Harvey is the starting pitcher of the All-Star game in his first full Major League season.

    He repped hard at the All-Star game.

    His fastball hits 100 mph regularly.

    Which makes his curveball a big surprise.

    And his slider just a big, steaming bucket of LOL not fair!

    Imagine trying to prepare for these pitches? You're helpless!

    Any surprise that he leads the National League with 147 K's?

    Hey, guy can hit a little bit, too.

    When he pitches, Mets fans declare it a holiday: Harvey Day!

    He's incredibly tough. Scary tough. Really scary tough.

    Good god that's terrifying!

    This guy tried to haze him as a rookie. Didn't work out.

    He's quite aware of his physical prowess.

    But it doesn't mean he's not a willing to lend a helpful hand.

    A uniform isn't the only thing Mr. Harvey can fill out.

    He doesn't play it safe, either

    Harvey is a big Rangers fan and now, BFF with star goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

    Don't worry, Matt knows the value of friendship with his own teammates, too.

    And has a healthy relationship with Russian supermodel Anne V.

    So yeah, it's pretty easy for the guy to laugh at himself.

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    Of course, Mets fans are cautious: We've had some phenoms before.

    How about Generation K?

    Don't worry; Harvey is excited about the challenge.