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    Bob Benson's True Identity Has Been Revealed

    Mad Men's mysterious new man, played by James Wolk, has a very surprising (or familiar?) life story. WARNING! SPOILERS!

    All season, Mad Men fans have been asking "Who's Bob Benson?" The chipper, ambitious new accounts man at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce always seemed to be in the right spot at the right time, carrying extra coffee for his superiors and coming through in everything from client courting to health emergencies, catering funerals and even hooking Pete up with an amorous Spanish caretaker for his mother.

    Half ambulance, half lover?

    When Joan was hurting, he took her to the hospital. He seems to be the only one at SDCP that really cares about her — which Roger Sterling found out the hard way.

    So why's that a bad thing?

    His bright smile and brown-nosing have rubbed some the wrong way — especially Pete (and, to a lesser degree, Ginsberg). After an interesting encounter in Pete's office (which got fans and characters wondering if Bob is gay), Pete then contacted Duck Phillips to try and get Bob hired somewhere else. It was at that point that the truth spilled out.

    So, who is he?!

    Turns out that Bob isn't a Beloit College grad, and he didn't go to the University of Pennsylvania's prestigious Wharton School of Business, either. He's no blue blood or prodigy.

    Instead, Bob is from West Virginia ("his parents are brother and sister or something," as Duck sneers). He was an assistant to a senior VP at the firm, running his errands. His one reference remembered Benson for "just disappearing one day, with an electric pencil sharpener and Christmas card list."

    So does that mean...?

    Yep! He's Don Draper!

    Pete said as much, too; when Duck said he had never heard of a story like Bob's — you know, someone who escaped rural shame and faked his way to the top with good looks and natural talent — Pete responded, "I have."

    Look at that foreshadowing!

    This season is about mirrors, after all, right?

    Also: It's important to mention that he wore these shorts

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