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    An Exclusive Look At Lindsay Lohan's New Sex Thriller, "The Canyons"

    Out via digital download/iTunes and selected theaters on Friday, this microbudget drama sees LiLo get down and dirty.

    There has been a whole lot of intrigue about The Canyons, and for good reason: It is directed by the well-regarded Paul Schrader, written by the provocative Bret Easton Ellis, and stars porn star James Deen and a Lindsay Lohan who is in desperate need of a career revitalization. Plus, it is one of the first movies financed by Kickstarter to feature name-brand actors and filmmakers, so the Internet's return-on-investment is a big point of interest, too.

    Not only was it financed using new means, it's also being released on digital download/iTunes, doing an almost total end-around on the traditional theatrical run. It's quite fitting, too; the beginning of the movie features a montage of decrepit, abandoned multiplexes, and the plot line concerns actors who don't really care all that much about the industry.

    "When I had my first table read with the cast, I told them that this is a story about some twentysomething Angelenos who got in line to see a movie," Schrader told BuzzFeed. "The theater closed, but they stayed in line because they had nowhere else to go. It's this idea of kids making a movie who don't really like movies that much seemed to be kind of defining of a generation."

    Here are six more exclusive cinemagraph looks at The Canyons, which is out on Friday.