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    The Same Fake Potato Chip Brand Is In A Mind-Blowing Number Of TV Shows

    Manufactured and sold by ISS Prop House, Let's Potato Chips are a staple on both sitcoms and dramas. They cost $40 per big bag, $20 for a small bag, and all of Hollywood is buying them.


    No show has utilized Let's as much as Community, which has used it again and again as part of its barrage of inside jokes about television and pop culture. For Community, Let's isn't a trademark-safe replacement; it actually plays into story lines and extra tidbits, like the one below:

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    Orange Is The New Black

    There are a lot of things you can't get into prison, but no one will stop a delicious bag of Let's... which means that prison toilet booze can get through, too. Sweet.

    Arrested Development

    GOB hit some new lows in this fourth season, but Let's provided a delightful respite.

    New Girl

    Awkward bonding times with Jess's one-time boyfriend were made bearable for Nick and Winston thanks to the greasy classic.

    The Middle

    What the Heck, let's have some BBQ chips (see what we did there?)

    2 Broke Girls

    The chips look cheap and generic, but Kat Dennings should know that costs $40 right there.

    My Name is Earl

    Even tough guys can't resist them.

    Ugly Betty

    Being in fashion means not letting anyone see when you stuff your face with chips, right Becki Newton?

    Switched at Birth

    "Why didn't my mother come clean about the switch sooner? I'm not entirely sure. I just know that I really want that bag of Let's potato chips over there." - Daphne

    The New Adventures of Old Christine

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus has had a lot of great co-stars over the years. This bag may be her greatest.

    Sons of Anarchy

    In between riding motorcycles and killing people, the SAMCRO gets its snack on.

    Cougar Town

    Don't touch Ken Jenkins' machine filled with three kinds of Let's.

    Here Are Other Shows to Which ISS Has Sold Let's Potato Chips

    10 Things I Hate About You

    The Ringer


    Let's Stay Together

    CSI: NY

    The Mentalist

    Melissa and Joey


    The Bill Engvall Show

    Brothers and Sisters

    Inside the Box

    Better Off Ted

    Make or Break It

    There are others out there, too; props tend to get passed around from set to set. If you know any, or have any photos/screen grabs, mention them in the comments!

    Oh, and buy your own right here.

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