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Posted on Jan 12, 2014

A Golden Globes Drinking Game That Will Definitely Get You Sloshed

Because the stars shouldn't have all the fun tonight, right?

Throw one back whenever an actor lies, "I'm just happy to be nominated!"

Slug one down whenever a red carpet reporter says something mystifyingly stupid

When Tina and Amy come out and you realize that all you want is to be their best friend or intern, shot!

Add another whenever you refer to them only by their first names.

If Shia LaBeouf gets mentioned, steal the drink of the person next to you

Whenever Jennifer Lawrence does something preciously awkward, drink twice

When you see a star wearing jewelry that costs more money than you make in a year, take a small sip

You pretend to have seen the movie/TV show that just won in order to impress the people at the party

When you realize that you’re angry that a rich person you’ll never know just lost a trophy, drink to feel OK!

Down four years' worth of frustration if and when Taylor Swift wins Best Song and acts surprised

Whenever they show the cast of Breaking Bad, pour one out

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Our last Globes with these guys...

If they mention twerking, turn off the TV for two minutes and drink for the entire time it’s off

When you realize it's late and you have to be up for work tomorrow while the actors get to go to parties, chug water

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