19 Dogs Dressed As Movie Stars For Halloween

    These are either the cutest, or sort of horrifying?

    1. Dogwalker family reunion

    2. "Bitch... literally"

    3. 10 Points to Griffin-dawwww it's a puppy!

    4. Without the mask, Darth Vader is somewhat less intimidating

    5. This looks so comfortable

    6. How do you think the bricks got so yellow?

    7. Look at those puppies!

    8. "Real wrath of dog type stuff..."

    9. Watch out, Chris Evans

    10. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's weird detached and limp arms on a dog!

    11. They rebooted Spider-Man yet again, and this is the new star

    12. This puppy represents the normal amount of psychokinetic energy in the New York area

    13. This is scarier than the original

    14. You've got a man's best friend in me

    15. Trusty sidekick

    16. The Dogtor

    17. Hello, Fluffy

    18. Accurate representation of their true dynamic

    19. You think I'm gonna just roll over and play dead for you, mothafucka?