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18 Bizarre And Intense Celebrity TV Interview Meltdowns

Most host-celebrity exchanges follow a pretty tight script. These did not.

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1. Tom Cruise on Oprah's Couch

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The sofa jump seen round the world. He probably has less enthusiasm about Katie Holmes now.

2. Serge Gainsbourg's Harassment of Whitney Houston

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In a 1986 appearance on French TV, Gainsbourg — visibly schwasted — told a very young Houston that he wanted to "fuck" her. It got weirder from there.

3. Quentin Tarantino on Channel 4

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Tarantino faced a gauntlet of questions about Django Unchained's depiction of slavery, and his frustration spilled over in this early 2013 interview.

4. Billy Bob Thornton on the CBC

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He was quite sad about the death of legendary movie connoisseur Forest J. Ackerman, and wasn't in much of a mood to talk about the music he had gone on the show to promote. And then he went after the host for mentioning the fact that Thornton was an actor.

5. Chris Brown on Good Morning America

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Mssr. Brown didn't appreciate Robin Roberts prying about his situation with Rihanna and all the hate he got, so cue the meltdown...and backstage hysterics.

6. Crispin Glover Interviewed by David Letterman

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Back when he hosted Late Night, Letterman was the king of weird. For one night in 1987, Crispin Glover outdid him. Without telling anyone — including Letterman — he came in as the bizarre character from his movie Rubin and Ed, acting paranoid and out of his mind, leading to an arm-wrestling match. It was rumored that he was tripping on LSD, which continued since the movie didn't come out until 1991.

7. Dave Schultz and John Stossel

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In 1984, John Stossel found out that wrestling wasn't (totally) fake.

8. Andrew Dice Clay on CNN

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He doesn't like the term "comeback," or the insinuation that he was running a gym.

9. Joe Namath on ESPN

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He really wanted to kiss Suzy Kolber.

10. Huey Morgan on Never Mind the Buzzcocks

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For the singer of a band called Fun Lovin' Criminals, he was not pleased with the game being played on this BBC show.

11. Britney Spears and Diane Sawyer

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Britney couldn't handle her feelings very well.

12. Iggy Pop on Australia's Countdown

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He mayyyyyy have been on drugs?

13. Madonna on Letterman

A lot of f-bombs and panty talk here. Uncomfortable.

14. Jim Rome vs. Jim Everett

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The year was 1994. Provocateur sports talker Jim Rome kept calling NFL star Jim Everett the name "Chris," which led to a challenge, and then physical assault.

15. Joaquin Phoenix visits Dave

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Sure, it turns out Phoenix was playing a part, but no one — not even Letterman — was aware of that little fact.

16. Bobcat Goldthwait on Leno

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Yes, this clip is taken from The Larry Sanders Show, but it really happened. And it pissed Leno off.

17. Steve-O on Too Late with Adam Corolla

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Steve-O was so drunk and high here that it's uncomfortable to watch. Luckily, he'd later get sober.

18. Russell Brand Debates Jeremy Paxman

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This isn't so much a meltdown as a great, angry debate that no one expected. Really angry!

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