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    16 Steps To Properly Celebrate Nick Offerman's Birthday

    The Parks and Recreation actor and demigod turns 43 on Wednesday. Here is a guide to getting the dour Ron Swanson to party hard for his real-life counterpart.

    1. Beware: Your well wishes will be rejected at first.

    2. Remember, this is a man who likes his alone time.

    3. You have to expect and accept the verbal abuse, OK?

    4. Hey, at least he's honest.

    5. Puppies optional, but they help.

    6. Make sure you have a funny hat at your disposal.

    7. Point out how great his facial hair is — he likes that.

    8. This might help loosen him up:

    9. Get his wife, Megan Mullally, in on the party.

    10. Challenge him if you gotta!

    11. Invite the kids.

    12. Hey look, there's that smile!

    13. Don't worry about those complaints...

    14. Because soon he'll start dancing!

    15. And then shit is just gonna get crazy.

    16. And you will be in an infinite loop of AMAZING.

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