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    Benedict Cumberbatch's Sex Fantasy With Tom Hiddleston And Matt Smith Is Melting The Internet

    The Sherlock star created the most potent prompt for slash fiction in the history of the universe.

    John Gara / BuzzFeed

    Benedict Cumberbatch logged on to Reddit to host an AMA on Friday. Cumberbitches got a treat.

    That answer was pretty well-received.

    And his challenge was promptly accepted.


    Great job, Shitty Watercolour! See our artist's rendition above!

    Even Benedict himself liked it!

    OK, take a break and check this out!

    John Gara / BuzzFeed

    He also likes trolling so hard.


    Take a deep breath.

    There was some trolling on the Sherlock mystery.

    The man can be introspective too.

    Sure, the Loki-Doctor fantasy is great, but how about Sherlock-visit-Cheers fan fiction?

    Or making some fan fiction come to life!

    The AMA did have some serious notes, like this response about Julian Assange.

    What he's saying here is that he wished he had been interviewed by BuzzFeed.

    Hey, how about a crossover episode as Ron Swanson's English cousin?

    Like any strong man, he's willing to make mistakes. Even huge mistakes.

    Don't worry, there were many puns.

    More pants!

    Cumberspawn. That is all.

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