Benedict Cumberbatch Gives His Cumberbitches The Ultimate Fan Art: His Own Self-Portrait

    And he did it for charity!

    Thespian, debonair gentleman, ambassador from Planet Sophistication, handsome assassin and walking meme Benedict Cumberbatch has done it again, providing his devoted fans with a morsel of perfection in a few simple strokes.

    (No, this isn't slash fiction.)

    Sherlock Holmes, the voice of Smaug and narrator of your nightly dreams, has glimpsed briefly at his own reflection and interpreted it in a series of beautiful squiggles, creating a self-portrait for the educational benefit of children. No, not as a visualization tool for Sunday school skeptics, but instead the New End School Association, which is the parent-teacher association of a state-backed grammar school. What kind of grammar school?

    Well, according to its website, NES is "a happy and diverse school that seeks to promote high academic achievement, for all children whilst ensuring that they are well-rounded, well-adjusted children."

    What a hero!

    Also, according to the Express, some other strangely-named people named Bono and Whoopi Goldberg also donated self-portraits.