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    "Arrested Development" Reveals Its First New Trailer, And It's Filled With WTF Moments

    The Bluths are back! But what the hell is going on?!

    First, that star-studded premiere. Then, the Frozen Banana Stand goes on tour. Now, a minute and a half of glorious teasing ahead of Arrested Development's May 26 re-premiere on Netflix. There's lots to unpack in this first trailer, so watch below and take a drive in the stair car to WTF-ville, where questions abound!

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    George Michael and Maeby are roommates again. Are they lovers too?

    What does this creepy bird represent?

    And how about this one? (Also, how did an ostrich get in the house?)

    Did Kitty say good-bye to... umm... those?

    Did Tobias win an Oscar yet? Will that new sign be the latest promotional stunt for AD?

    Is Mike's Hard Lemonade buying all that product placement? Is GOB a teenage girl now?

    More importantly, is he back in the good graces of the Magician's Alliance?

    They're still together?!

    How many miles does this thing have on it by now?

    And finally, is Buster back on the sauce? Can anything save him?