23 Incredible, Rarely-Seen Photos From The Disney Archives

    As the studio marks its 90th anniversary today, Disney opened up its vault and gave BuzzFeed images and inside stories on some of its most iconic and important moments.

    1. The contract that created the Walt Disney Company, 1923

    2. An original script and storyboard for Steamboat Willie, 1928

    3. Sketches for the Technicolor revolution, 1932

    4. A brainstormed list of alternate names for the seven dwarves, circa 1935

    5. Animators working with a live deer for Bambi, circa 1939

    6. Art from the first attempt at The Little Mermaid, circa 1939

    7. The original menu at the Disney Studio canteen, circa 1940

    8. Walt at the drawing board, circa 1947

    9. Plans for "Mickey Mouse Park", circa 1953

    10. Construction on Disneyland, circa 1954

    11. Annette Funicello as an Oz character, hanging with Walt, 1957

    12. Walt's apartment in Disneyland, 1957

    13. Hilariously out-of-date merchandise, circa 1959

    These stuffed dolls were made by Gund in the late 1950s. They would make one-size-fits-all bodies, then pop on different rubber heads. Some, as you can see, looked better than others.

    14. Concept art for Mary Poppins, circa 1962

    15. The original napkin sketch for Epcot, circa 1966

    16. Disney's original Star Wars collaboration, circa 1984

    Long before Disney bought Lucasfilm or even teamed up to make the Disneyland (and now Disneyland Paris) attraction Star Tours, the company published educational books and records with a Star Wars theme. One, Star Wars Adventures in ABC, contained poems pegged to each letter of the alphabet, and was narrated by C-3PO.

    17. Concept art for Tale Spin, circa 1990

    18. The New Mickey Mouse Club, circa 1993

    19. John Lasseter with Woody and Buzz, circa 1994

    Even more of these are being unveiled by D23, the official Disney fan club, at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.